Voting By The Diaspora In The General Election And Referenda

The Kenya Mission in Geneva wishes to inform you that pursuant the Constitutional requirements, the Government has put in place necessary framework to enable the Diaspora to fully participate in future elections and referenda. A Task Force was appointed in February 2015 to advice on the facilitation of voting by the Kenyan Diaspora during the General Election and Referenda.

It is mandated to:

Advise on profiling of Kenyans living abroad and eligible to vote
Establish the extent to which Kenyans living abroad can progressively participate in the General Elections and Referenda
Advise on possible registration and polling centers for Kenyans living abroad
Advise on modalities for sensitizing Kenyans living abroad on voting and
advise on any other matter incidental
The Task Force is in the process of accomplishing its mandate. Kenyans abroad are therefore requested and encouraged to send written submissions to to ensure that their views are considered in the preparation of the final report, which will guide policy and legislative changes that may enable them to realise their constitutional right.

Further, Kenyans living abroad are also encouraged to participate in the voter mapping exercise by registering using the IEBC voter mapping tool